Our Online Courses and Certificates

About the courses: Our continuing education courses are available to clinicians, coaches, and educators interested in learning about psychology related topics such as biofeedback. They are all in distance / home learning, format including pre-recorded audiovisual lectures, movies, readings in texts, and frequent interactions with the instructor. Students work at their own paces and have up to a year after the date of purchase to complete a course. All course material is accessed from the course web site so people interested in our courses must have consistent access to the internet.

These are distance learning courses (rather than self-directed learning courses) as there is substantial interaction between the faculty and student. Distance education refers to instruction delivered to students who are separated from their instructor and in support of regular and substantive interaction between them, whether in real time or through time delay.  Substantial interaction is where a student and a faculty participate in back and forth discussions on an educational topic. These are continuing education, not university accredited, courses.

NO CDs or other materials are mailed to students. All materials are sent via the web.
How you learn: Our students learn by attending both pre-recorded lectures and live – real time – classes with instructors during which students and instructors can see and hear each other. It’s almost like being there in person. They read texts as well.

This is what a live class looks like

The “screen shot” to the right shows an instructor and three students interacting in real time while looking at discussion material on their screens.

This is what a “prerecorded” lecture looks like: Just follow the link to see it  http://youtu.be/9xpEpAZOHtI

CE Credit : Saybrook University is regionally accredited and approved by the state of California to grant degrees. The Behavioral Medicine R&T Foundation is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Foundation maintains responsibility for this program and its content.
Course completion certificates:  Students receive a personalized course completion certificate upon successful completion of a course. The certificate indicates how many CEs were earned, the topic of the course, the presenting organization and the organizations which have accredited / approved the program.

Purchasing courses: Courses can be purchased by credit card or by check. To purchase courses via credit card, go to the name of the course below and click on it. The brief course summary will appear. If you are interested, click the link at the end of the description and you will be taken to the full course description and a link to our secure ordering site. To pay by check, send the check in US Funds written to Saybrook University to the web site header address.

There are no refunds once access has been given to the course web site.

Scholarships: All full time graduate students from anyplace in the world and all professionals from developing nations automatically receive 25% off the cost of each course. It is up to these people to inform us by email at rsherman@nwinet.com of their status.


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