PEP018: Neuroanatomy and Physiology for Technicians

20 hours of CE credit, Course Fee $475.
Instructors: Cynthia Kerson

Cynthia Kerson

Cynthia Kerson

2(PhD), QEEGD, BCN, BCB Senior Fellow, BCB-HRV


Topic Outline:

This course is specifically created for those trainers who will be supervised by a BCN. It will cover areas of neuroanatomy and physiology important to the trainer to aide in observation and training of the clients who are participating in neuromodulation through a supervising clinician. This course is under consideration for accreditation as of March 2023 by BCIA towards BCN-T certification. It provides the required 20 hours with the following modules:

Nervous System Organization

Cells of the Nervous System

Hormones & Behavior

Sensory Systems

Motor Systems

Arousal. Sleep, Learning, & Memory

Emotion, Motivation, & Addiction

Major Networks