Coaching Package for Patients
with Stress-Related Aches and Pains 

$300 for large file transfer containing entire package

This package is for sale only to appropriately credentialed clinicians. It is not sold to patients.

Purpose of the program:

This 8 to 10 week mind-body awareness and control program is for essentially healthy adults who experience aches and pains due to keeping their bodies too tense for too long after normal stress responses. It is intended to help people learn to recognize how their bodies respond to stress and teach ways to control these responses so they do not remain tenser than necessary for longer than necessary. The program does not replace your own individualized assessment or intervention. It is intended to augment your own therapeutic approach. You can sell an unlimited number of copies of the program’s CDs to your patients by copying them yourself. You can not sell the CDs for use by other therapists.

Your role in the program as the patient’s therapist:

You can add this set of exercises to your usual interventions to help your patients learn to recognize and control their stress responses. They work best if you can spend a session explaining the exercises and actually performing the first exercise with the patient so he or she can ask questions and you can correct common errors such as tensing too much. The program is provided on two CDs. The first contains this introductory information and the scripts for each exercise. You can use the scripts to record the exercises in your own voice. The second CD contains recordings of each exercise as well as a general introduction. You can copy and give the CD to your patients without more than the most cursory introduction. Obviously, you need to encourage your patients to continue to perform the exercises and check on their progress. Numerous studies have shown that, among patients who perform the exercises, just as much benefit is accrued by only doing them at home as by coming to the clinic to perform them.

Training not treatment: 

This is a self-awareness program rather than a treatment. Obviously, you will be incorporating it into your overall treatment program for each of your patients as appropriate. The program is not intended to treat any disorders or for people who have significant illnesses. Clients having a disorder requiring medical attention caused or significantly worsened by stress, must not participate in the program except under your direct supervision as a clinician who is appropriately trained and licensed to care for the patient’s problem.