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Mentoring for BCIA Certification

Order this service at a rate of $50.00 per 20 minutes of mentoring ($150 / hour). Enter the number of 20 minute sessions you wish to pay for at this time.

$150 per hour of actual interaction time
in a minimum of 10 minute intervals

All mentoring is performed through a combination of web, e-mail, and phone interaction.

All of our mentors are BCIA certified. We provide mentoring in general biofeedback, pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions biofeedback, and EEG biofeedback / neurofeedback.

If you have at least medium speed internet service, you do not have to go to any particular location for the portion of your training which requires you to record subjects under direct supervision. We can use the web to watch you and the signals on your biofeedback device by having you use a web cam (about $60 if you don’t have one) and SKYPE (free web phone calls which include video).

How the mentoring process works:

Mentoring hours do not include the time you are working with the client without your mentor being present. You pay for the time you are actually working with your mentor.  Your mentor will spend several hours working with you in real time to be sure you know how to attach leads correctly and can actually perform biofeedback on yourself. You and your mentor will communicate in real time using SKYPE with web cams on both ends web cams  so you can see your mentor and the mentor can see you. This is very close to actually being together. After the first few hours , your communications are via e-mail and you are paying only for the time your mentor is actually reading and answering the e-mails. You e-mail us information about each patient so you and your mentor can jointly plan the intervention and then you send your mentor the results of each session so you and your mentor can jointly can plan the next. Your mentor would only be present in real time for a patient if you wanted the mentor to be a co-therapist for a session on an especially difficut case. The entire mentoring process usually costs between two and three thousand dollars with most experienced therapists being at the lower end.

Your training cases do NOT need to be patients. They can be normal people so educators, coaches, and those clinicians in-training who don’t have their licenses yet can still get appropriate training which counts toward BCIA certification.

To discuss our mentoring services, contact Dr. Richard Sherman at either rsherman@nwinet.com or 360-452 5020 (West Coast Time).

Order this service at a rate of $50.00 per 20 minutes of mentoring ($150 / hour). Enter the number of 20 minute sessions you wish to pay for at this time.